Hi, I'm Megan.

A Michigan girl raised in a rural community, I moved to Seattle in 2005 after completing graduate school and living/working in Chicago for a few years. I came looking for a change in scenery – more nature, like-minded folds, an accessible music scene. So with a nudge from a friend, I packed up my car and drove cross-country. Shortly after arriving, I entered a relationship with a guy who experienced an emotional collapse. I went seeking solace and nourishment in order to be strong for him, and I found it in yoga. My yoga practice provided me strength to get through that tough time, as well as those that followed, and to eventually exit the relationship. Yoga was my source then, and continues to be as I develop new relationships with others as well as myself. It was the wisdom of the yogic teachings that led me to discover the source within -- it’s limitless. I wanted to share the magic and beauty of yoga with others, so completed Anusara Yoga Teacher Training at Seattle Yoga Arts in 2008. Since then, my teaching has evolved into an alignment-based, heart-centered practice with influences from world-renowned teachers, local teachers, my dedicated students, loved ones, and the experiences life provides me.

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Ayurveda found me in earnest in 2016. Other yogis I’ve met along the way had sprinkled the concept into my consciousness, but it seemed quite daunting. Then an accessible, affordable class surfaced in the spring of 2016. I signed-up and have continued to learn and thrive ever since. I quickly realized that I had intuitively been making choices and living a nature guided life all along, not realizing than an ancient health system already existed that laid out this framework, and more. And that’s Ayurveda. I completed training in May 2017 and am now a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute. Living well and self-care through the lens of yoga and Ayurveda has been transformative. The concepts I've implemented have provided me with regular cycles, awareness of how different foods affect my digestive system, the importance of establishing self-care rituals in order to support and regulate my energy, and how to embrace my fiery and airy qualities without burning out. I so look forward to sharing the wisdom with you.