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Personal Ayurveda Lifestyle Sessions: An integration of yoga, meditation, pranayama, diet, exercise, daily practices such as self-massage and morning rituals, based on your prakriti (individual constitution) and vikriti (state of imbalance) to bring you into harmony with the rhythms of nature. This Ayurveda and Yoga guided lifestyle revamp will help to heal your

  • digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion

  • constipation, bloating, gas

  • fatigue

  • weight loss/gain struggles

  • headaches

  • inflammation

  • chronic pain

  • food or environmental intolerance and allergy symptoms

  • anxiety and stress

  • low energy

  • symptoms from medical conditions or treatments

Personal Ayurveda Lifestyle Session Rates

Initial 90-minute intake session + 15 minute pre-session phone chat and self-care gift - $110

Single follow-up session, good within 3 months - $85/hour

Three 45-minute follow-up sessions, good within 3 months - $195

Six 45-minute follow-up sessions, good within 6 months - $390

Monthly 30-minute check-ins - $45

Seasonal 60-minute check-ins - $85

Returning client 60- or 90-minute retake intake session, if it’s been a year or more since last session - $85 (60-minutes) and $130 (90-minutes)

Reiki Sessions: A relaxing, receiving experience. Each session will begin with a brief discussion of what your needs are and if you choose, an intuitive connection prior to receiving reiki. This type of intention and connection will help you prepare for acceptance of the reiki. While reclined, you will receive healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner (that’s me). This healing energy, or reiki, is self-guided. It knows what area of your body is in need and directs itself there. The session may include hands placed on, hands hovering near your body, or a combination of the two. In this way, your body is able to clear it’s energy channels and receive the type of healing it needs on a physical as well as emotional level. Reiki can

  • reduce stress

  • induce relaxation

  • clear energetic and emotional blockages

  • break up tension in your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies

  • cleanse and align your chakras (energetic centers of the body) to feel more stable, balanced, confident, open, and able

Reiki Session Rates

75-minute session - $75

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Personal Yoga Sessions: You bring the focus, I bring the guidance. A personal yoga session gives you, the beginner or experienced yogi, the opportunity to

  • learn alignment in poses

  • learn pose adaptations if you are experiencing pain or injury recovery

  • gain familiarity and confidence in the poses before attending a class

  • prep for a more advanced pose

  • move through fear or uncertainty using meditation and pranayama (breath exercises) in order to expand your physical yoga practice

  • develop a home practice

Group Yoga Sessions: Want an intimate yoga experience for you and your tribe to celebrate, bond, gather regularly, or any other reason you can think of? Then consider a group yoga session. You provide the space and I'll travel to you, or together we can locate a space that accommodates the number of people you wish to gather that's within reasonable travel distance. If renting a space, the cost will be your responsibility.

Personal Yoga Session Rates

60-minute session - $75

90-minute session - $100

Three 60-minute session bundle - $195

Three 90-minute session bundle - $270

Group Yoga Session Rates

60 minute Group Sessions - $100 for 3-8 people, $10. each additional person

For groups of two, cost will be determined based on length of session and needs.