Rei: spiritual wisdom
Ki: life energy
Reiki: spiritually guided life energy to reduce stress, relax, and promote healing 

The flow of ki, or life energy, is our aliveness. It’s what animates us and supports our well-being. When the flow of ki is disrupted, our physical and energetic bodies are susceptible to illness and diminished function. Additionally, our thoughts affect the flow of ki, which can cause negative or unhealthy ki to attach to organs and tissues which also affects the flow of healthy life energy through the body. Freeing the flow of ki through your chakras, meridians, and nadis, which is what reiki facilitates, provides a pathway to health and healing.

Used in conjunction with Ayurveda concepts, reiki can bring attention to the areas of your body and life that are in need of healing. It can guide you to make choices that will support, rather than deplete, your life energy, by opening and relaxing those areas in your body that are feeling blocked, depleted, and stressed. Understanding how your body responds to thoughts and actions you take provides insight to how food, experience, and fitness choices affect your overall health. By attuning to how energy flows through your physical body, you are more able to sustain yourself, step into your power, love, speak your truth, and see things for what they are rather than what you perceive.