What is yoga?

Yoga is a movement practice to lead you to the divine within. It provides insight and understanding of how you habitually use your physical body; guidance for undoing misaligned conditioning; injury recovery; breath and mindfulness practices to help you cope with stress; guidance to live in harmony with yourself to align body-mind-heart. The physical forms, called asana (pose), is the action you use to discover confidence, balance, presence, acceptance, and surrender. Our physical bodies are meant to move, and our hearts meant to love. When given the freedom to be the beautiful, weird, intelligent, creative, discerning being that you are, a radiance emanates and your gift is offered to the world.

Tell me more.

Yoga is comprised of 8 limbs: yama (laws of life), niyama (rules for living), asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), pratyahara (retirement of the senses), dharana (steadiness of the mind), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (settled mind). While asana is the primary limb taught in studios and gyms across the United States, the consciousness limbs are where the real work and benefits lie. Yoga is a Sanskrit word, defined as "union"; yoke, a process or path or discipline leading to oneness with the Divine or with one's Self. It's a spirituality practice, rather than a religious practice, that leads the practitioner to discover his or her connection to the highest. Whether that's God, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh, Mother Earth, or whatever creation force you believe in, the practice of yoga can lead you to a deeper relationship with your creator and create a network to all living things. 


I offer public drop-in yoga classes at a couple of different studios across Seattle, which provide you an opportunity to create community, learn from and be inspired by others, while giving yourself care and attention. For many, this is the more economically accessible way to practice. I also offer personal individual sessions, which provide you an opportunity to get personal feedback, focus on a particular pose, learn individualized meditation and pranayama practices, recover from an injury in a safe and individualized environment, and can be scheduled at a time that's best for you. Personal yoga sessions also provide you with the opportunity to learn how to adapt yoga poses for any physical limitations you may experience, so that you can access the benefits from a class setting with the intent of opening you up to your potential.